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Vehicle Save Business Car and Van Leasing

When it comes to business car leasing, Vehicle Save will always endeavour to give you the most competitive quote on many business lease cars deal readily available in the UK. However, we know from experience that there is so much more to consider in terms of running a fleet of business vehicles and managing drivers. We have therefore developed a Fleet Management Department to address the multitude of business car leasing related issues facing our customers. We have over 25 years experience of providing advice to our business customers in the South West and save them time and money when they come to us for their business lease cars.

What are the Benefits of Business Car Leasing?

Business car leasing helps your avoid any unexpected costs by offering a fixed monthly payment for the term of the lease, which is typically 24, 36 or 48 months. These monthly rental lease payments attract VAT of which for cars 50% and commercial vehicles 100% of the finance element is reclaimable and 100% of the VAT for any maintenance payment is reclaimable. The rental lease payments are also classed as a true business expense so can be wholly offset against corporation tax.

Due to increasing fuel costs, CO2 emission considerations, duty of care commitments, accident management obligations and increasingly complicated fleet related legislation, more and more businesses are turning to business car leasing. By taking on business lease cars, you can afford a better quality vehicle and make your budget go further without having to worry about your business cars and vans depreciating. In addition to this, many companies favour the simplicity of upgrading business lease cars rather than having to sell them privately. 

Short Term Business Car Leasing 

If your company takes on employees on an initial probationary period you may be uncertain as to exactly how it might work out in the longer term. By taking out a short-term business cars lease contract it enables you to take on staff without being tied in to a potentially costly long term business car leasing contract.

Short term business car leasing can benefit new business start ups where the success of the company is far from certain. You're able to provide a practical solution for the transport needs of your business without over committing for the future. When temporary additional business vehicles are required for an existing fleet, a short term business car leasing contract can also benefit employers, for example if they are taking on contract workers on short term employment contracts.

A short term business cars lease contract can be highly effective in incentivising staff within your organisation. As a reward for delivering strong results, top sales staff, for example, could be rewarded with the opportunity to drive a prestigious vehicle. This may in turn motivate other employees by showing them that business success is well rewarded by the management. 

At certain times, such as attending large conferences and training programs, a high demand for pool vehicles within your company can stretch the capabilities of your pool fleet. A short term business cars lease may be a way of solving these issues when the demand arises.

Business Cars Lease with Vehicle Save

Vehicle Save provide flexible solutions in all areas of fleet management and vehicle funding to businesses in the South West. We pride ourselves on our commitment to discussing the needs of our customers on an individual basis and in some detail. We believe that it is important to know about you, your business and your drivers so that we give you the business car leasing deal that you need not what we think you might need. We understand that all businesses from SME's to larger plc organisations have differing needs and will seek flexibility. Vehicle Save Fleet will deliver relevant, cost effective solutions to match your specific requirements.

We will carry out a comprehensive review of all aspects of how vehicles impact on your business and how business car leasing can improve you business cost. Our review will focus on matters such as Vehicle Acquisition/Sourcing Vehicle Funding, Car/Van Policy, Maintenance, Vehicle Disposal, and Liability/Risk amongst others. In short, we are confident that we can save you time, money, and make life easier for you. Let us come and discuss your business car leasing requirements in more detail before making any fleet decisions. If you are a customer, you already know what we do. If you are not and would like us to talk to you about saving time, money and making your life easier when it comes to business car leasing, please call us now to make an appointment; 0845 3881120.