Complaints Procedure

Vehicle Save Contract Hire & Leasing - Complaints Procedure

Your opinion is paramount to us!

We take complaints from our clients very seriously and will look into any issues raised

We have detailed our complaints procedure below:

Our intention is to resolve any complaints to our client’s satisfaction. To do this it is helpful if complaint to Vehicle Save Contract Hire & Leasing can following the following guidelines:

We maintain records of all complaints that we receive. It enables us to improve our service going forward from the customer feedback that we receive.

Who should you complaint be addressed to?

Please address your complaint, in writing or e mail to the customer satisfaction officer whose contact details are below:

How we will handle your complaint?

Our intention is to provide a satisfactory response as soon as possible. We will attempt to sort out the problem as soon as possible. In some instances further information might be necessary, in which case we will try to notify you by the end of the next working day following receipt of your complaint.

How soon can you expect a response?

You may expect our final response to your complaint within four weeks of receipt, or we will write to you to explain why we have not been able to do so.

If, after two months we have still not responded to your complaint satisfactorily. Then we will inform you you giving reasons for the delay and tell you when we expect to be able to provide a final response.

If you wish, you may refer your complaint to an ombudsman service, arbitration scheme, or dispute resolution scheme, then we will explain the process and provide you with the necessary details.

Alternatively you may still choose to wait until we are in a position to provide our final response.

What is meant by final response?

Our final response will detail the results of our investigation into your complaint and we will explain whether it has been accepted or rejected. In both cases we will explain the reasons for our decision. Where it is appropriate, we may make an offer of compensation taking into account the individual circumstances. This will not always involve financial compensation and may simply involve an apology. Our aim is to treat all customers consistently and fairly.

What happens if you remain dissatisfied?

Our final response will provide details of how you may escalate your complaint if you remain dissatisfied following the outcome of our investigation. It will also give you details of any rights of referral you may have to an ombudsman service, arbitration scheme, or dispute resolution scheme.

Customer Satisfaction Officer :

Andy Tomlinson

Vehicle Save Contract Hire & Leasing

8 Marsh Green Road North,

Marsh Barton Industrial

Estate, Exeter