The Benefits Of Leasing A Car With Vehicle Save

Vehicle Save Contract Hire and Leasing are specialists in vehicle leasing for businesses. There are numerous financial and operating benefits to be gained by companies that choose to lease or contract hire their vehicle fleet:



Typically, 50% of a business’ VAT payments can be reclaimed on leased or contracted vehicles. This rises to the full 100% if the vehicle is used exclusively for business purposes.  In addition, if the lease contract includes the provision of maintenance, then 100% of the VAT on that element of the contract can be reclaimed.



Rental payments of a business vehicle lease can be reclaimed as a company expense.  This applies to all leased vehicles where the CO2 emission levels are less than 130gm/km. If the CO2 emission levels exceed this figure, 85% of the vehicle rental payments can be reclaimed as a business expense. This makes the more environmentally friendly vehicles, a more financially attractive option.



Business Leasing deals help organisations with their cash flow management since existing lines of credit remain untouched. Vehicle leasing companies will provide independent funding of the vehicles chosen, through their own funding provider. Rental payments are met from regular cash generated by the business and can be accurately predicted from month to month through cash flow forecasts. Consequently, costs are likely to be much lower than would be the case if the vehicles were bought either outright by the business, or self financed through business loans. This leaves businesses able to invest their working capital into their core business activities which should yield a greater return on investment.



Business Lease & Contract vehicles are not included as assets of the business.  Thus the balance sheet will be enhanced by an immediate improvement on Rate of Return as a result of the asset value of the balance sheet being reduced.



The vehicle leasing company will, to a high degree, take over the day to day administration of the business fleet.  This will include management of service and maintenance, annual Road Fund Licence replacement, purchase and subsequent disposal of fleet vehicles and much more.

At Vehicle Save Contract Hire & Leasing, we offer businesses the best possible advice when choosing the right vehicle leasing contract. This, coupled with low deposits & low monthly payments, make Vehicle Save the ideal business vehicle leasing partner.

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